Stages of delivery

  • Once your order has been validated by our services, we prepare your package. It takes about 1 business day.
  • Once your order is ready it is shipped as quickly as possible by "La Poste" service.
  • Once the post has taken charge of the package, delivery is carried out in 48 hours on average. Estimate of the post.

    Mode de livraison

    The public service of french post office "La Poste" : classic, with signature and parcel relay

    Délais de livraison

    • 48h for mainland France
    • D + 3 for near Europe and D + 3 to D + 7 for more distant and overseas destinations.

      Dans quels pays nous livrons?



      & French overseas :

      Guadeloupe - Martinique - Saint-Barthelémy and Saint-Martin - St Pierre and Miquelon - French Giana - Mayotte - Reunion


      Belgium - Germany - United Kingdom (UK) - Spain (excluding specific territories) - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Austria - Ireland - Portugal (excluding specific territories)


      USA - Canada - Japan - Australia - South Corea - Thailand - Vietnam - India


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