The Neith brand was founded in 2018 by Patricia and Eva, mother, and daughter who created their company in France, in the Loire (42)

The website was launched in 2019.

            Eva et Patricia Garczynski - January 2021 

Neith, "Le végétal dans la peau" (plants under our skin)

"Neith is a symbol of creation, we wish to participate in creating a different world. Indeed, cosmetics, far from what it should be in the first place, is mainly concerned with appearance in our modern societies, to the detriment of the health of the skin, the environment and biodiversity. (see our concept)

At Neith, with our range of products, we want to show that it is possible to reconcile all the ecological and ethical criteria while improving the aspect of its skin. Our bases are nutritive and not inert, this is our main asset: the percentage of organic and active ingredients in our products, even the creams.

When the overwhelming majority do not exceed the charter of organic labels (10 to 20% of organic ingredients on the total product) we start at 54% in our night cream and up to 100%. The more we can put in the better it is, and we see the result on the skin! This requires a longer time of research and development to elaborate more complicated textures with nutritive actives than oils and inert ingredients.
Having a beautiful skin is also eating healthy, a lot of plants, sleeping well, and avoiding stress, that's why we try to promote a healthy lifestyle, follow us on social networks to discover our products tips and advice!"

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