Vegetal world adapted to urban spirit.

430 million years plants have conquered the continents. Without it, the human species would not even exist! Today, where’re disconnected from plants world, surrounded by urbans environment that put the strain to our skin. Pollution peaks, heat, air conditioning, heating, tiredness, lack of sunlight and other causes can promote oxidative stress in the skin and launch inflammatory reactions, leading to the formation of free radicals. As a result, wrinkles, spots, and sagging skin can appear prematurely on the face, the area most exposed all year round. 

Our bustling working life and sometimes disordered diet can also increase the dryness of the epidermis, tarnish the complexion, or cause redness and irritation, making it more permeable to external aggressions.

Attentive to all these problems, we wish to respond to the needs of many people whose skin is subject to the tumult of the city, by reconnecting them to the vegetal world, with our unique formulas, created and tested by us.

Each of our formulas is an invitation to escape, to discover a region or rare and precious ingredients... In this way, we want to make your daily skin care rituals a moment of pleasure, a parenthesis of well-being and softness you before starting or ending your day.
Convinced that what we put on our skin is important, we ban all synthetic and petrochemical ingredients that are harmful or suspected of being harmful to health and the environment. See our ethics.


Neith, the very first goddess, in Egypt, born of her own will, she would have created the world with 7 arrows (or 7 words)...

We wanted to pay tribute to this ancient people who were concerned with well-being.

They had to protect themselves from the arid climate, the dryness, the mosquitoes, the diseases, their environment forced them to look for solutions, natural substances to cure the negative effects of the sun, oils, and ointments to moisturize and soothe the skin. These cares were used by both sexes and by all social classes. They have passed on to us, throughout the history of mankind, this wonderful heritage...

Neith is therefore a symbol of creation, which is what we want to do at Neith, to participate in creating a different world. Indeed, cosmetics, far from what it should be in the first place, has been preoccupied mainly with appearance in our modern societies, to the detriment of the health of the skin, the environment, and useful and nutritious ingredients. At Neith, with our range of products, we want to show that it is possible to combine all the criteria, to improve the appearance of one's skin and one's health, without costing the health of other species and the environment.


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