Neith is a French brand of Natural Cosmetics, 100% vegetal, organic, and certified Vegan.

We select only high-quality ingredients. We take particular care in the elaboration of textures and fragrances so that our products are pleasant to use. As our cosmetics are elaborated with natural and organic excipients, they have the advantage of being better tolerated by the skin, they offer a particularly good assimilation of the active principles. Organic and natural products contain more fundamental nutrients, such as vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, elements that the epidermis can metabolize to feed itself, which is not the case with synthetic substances that can remain stored in the tissues and harm health in the long term. 

Organic Ingredients


Organic products are better for health and the environment, which is why we strive to include as much as possible in our products. All our vegetable oils, floral waters, essential oils, and plant extracts in our preparations are certified organic.
More and more cosmetic ingredients are being found in organic products, but the choice is more limited than for conventional products, which is why it is more difficult to make 100% organic cosmetics and requires more research and development time. Our products contain between 50 and 92% and we are working to increase this percentage.

As our cosmetics are made with natural excipients, they better diffuse the active ingredients into the epidermis, moisturizing and nourishing it in depth.
For the manufacture of our cosmetics, all the stages of control are made by experts and independent laboratories to validate the quality of our products.

All our oils, floral waters, essential oils and plant extracts in our preparations are certified organic.

(100% organic active ingredients)

Neith "Le végétal dans la peau !" (plants under our skin)


All our creations are certified EVE VEGAN

free of any animal product and have not been test on animals. Created by Vegan France association, we preferred this label because of their proceedings, who is like ours, they go further than other vegan labels.

Sustainable development is our DNA!

Our products do not contain any.
- Synthetic or petrochemical ingredients
(such as paraffins, parabens, EDTA, BHT, ...)
- Ingredients that are harmful or even suspected to be harmful to human health by the scientific community               
(CMR list, such as bisphenol, nanoparticles, phthalates, and the list is very long ....)
- Ingredients harmful to the environment
(No Palm oil or its derivatives)

Indeed, the labelled products "Eve Vegan" do not contain harmful substances, or even supposed to be harmful by the scientific community, in order to favor Vegan products, more respectful of human health and the environment.  
Our ingredients ar all :

What is CMR List?

Eve Vegan prohibits all substances on the CMR list in certified products and us too. The term carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) defines a category of chemical substances that are particularly dangerous to health as sources of risks with delayed effects. Thousands of ingredients (mostly synthetic spent on this list) the label, as our charter prohibits them! Unfortunately, many of them can be found in most of the so-called "conventional" cosmetics.


As far as our containers are concerned, the "all disposable" culture does not suit us, so we have opted for Ecocert glass bottles and jars. Glass containers are healthier, recyclable and biodegradable, they protect the product very effectively!

Why Airless?

Simply because it preserves the contents from impurities, oxidation, and waste!
In fact, there is no need to open the bottle to collect the remaining cream at the bottom, the Airless does this job for you

For our creams we have opted for the Airless system, in glass bottles, very aesthetic and of high quality.
Made in Italy.

For products such as serum, balm and lotion, we have chosen glass bottles lebellised Ecocert which are washable and reusable!
The caps are made of lacquered wood to be put in the boxes or to be reused with the bottle!

Made in France


In order to leave a positive footprint on the planet our products are 100% natural and of natural origin.
Made in France - French lab certified by Ecocert
Rigorous selection of our raw materials from organic producers.
- Bottles & Jars: To limit our impact on the environment, our products are without cardboard packaging.
All our jars and bottles are ecological and recyclable. Once finished, you can recycle them with glass.
- Packaging & Gluing: All our shipping boxes and gluing particles are made of recycled and recyclable materials.
and recyclable materials. The tissue paper is chlorine-free.
Once you have received your parcel, you can dispose of it in the yellow bin for cardboard and paper.
- Societal: We wish to favour local and regional partnerships.


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